Official Credit: How to get it?


Whether you want to obtain a personal loan or take out any other type of loan, the official loan can be an advantageous solution. This one is of course addressed to persons having the status of civil servant, but not only. Here are some tips to benefit from it.

Official credit: who can benefit?

Official credit: who can benefit?

As its name indicates, the public credit is addressed to civil servants (state, hospital, territorial), holders, trainees or contractors, but also:

  • their spouse, whether or not he is active;
  • to their descendants and ascendants, whether they are active or not;
  • employees in public or private law of establishments or companies in the public sector;
  • to local, national or European elected representatives.

What credit do you solicit?

What credit do you solicit?

The public credit includes several types of credits:

  • personal loans (car, leisure, works), which make it possible to finance the purchase of a vehicle from a boat, or the renovation of one’s house, for an amount of € 3,000 to 20,000;
  • the mortgage loan, intended to finance the purchase of a home;
  • the revolving credit which provides the borrower with a credit to use according to his wishes and which can be reconstituted. It allows you to borrow up to € 3,000;
  • the repurchase of credits which brings together several credits in one to assure to the borrower to obtain lower monthly payments; – the “loan to civil servants” that can be granted in addition to a housing loan (convention or social accession) subject to resources.

Simulations are proposed. Be careful to compare also with classic offers that can sometimes be more advantageous. It is recommended to turn to your mutual: it can propose itself appropriations reserved for civil servants or advise and guide its members. For the “loan to public servants”, it is from his employer that the agent can obtain information.

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