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Buy a boat

Buy a boat

The purchase of a boat is the culmination of the dream for many enthusiasts who enter and walk in the joys of boating and yachting.

The crush often begins with a view of a boat on a classifieds site or a boat moored in a harbor. As for cars, you can buy a new or used boat and here too the prices vary enormously; many are forced to opt for a second-hand purchase.

But this purchase is risky, you must know the flaws of a boat and understand the first work to be done; engine, sail, navigation indicator, etc… it is a complex object.

Be that as it may, the displayed prices of the boats can quickly rise and not correspond to your cash. That’s why in parallel with your search you can also start preparing your credit application!

We propose here to do your boat credit simulation.

A boat credit at Creditstair

A boat credit at Creditstair

Who are we ? Created in 2009, Younited is a young company compared to its competitors.

Creditstair was founded in the idea of ​​not being a bank, but an intermediary between investors and borrowers. Indeed, loan funds are financed by various investors; professionals, institutions and individuals.

But Creditstair is not only an intermediary platform, this company is also approved by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority as a credit institution (approval N ° 16488).

This banking license obtained at the creation of the company allowed Creditstair to be present today in several countries! Our leitmotif is transparency and speed. Our desire is to revolutionize a product only offered by institutional banks.

How to simulate your boat credit?

How to simulate your boat credit?

To simulate your boat credit, nothing more simple. All you have to do is fill in the fields requested in the simulator at the top of the page. It is asked the type of your project, the amount and the duration. Then you will have to prepare several pieces of information that you will have to fill in later.

Finally, at the last one step a principle answer is displayed. You will be able to download the documents and send your loan request by email. Upon receipt of the file, within 24 hours * you receive an SMS confirming your request for boat credit!

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